AXON Soft Successfully Migrates a Human Resources Planning Tool to the Web


Our client is a major provider of human resources planning and management software solutions. It provides solutions for automating and streamlining the process of human capital management to over 3,500 worldwide companies. Our client offers a complete range of software solutions tailored to meet the needs of companies operating in various industries including retail, distribution, logistics, and call centers. Its flagship product is a software solution for human resources planning, which enables the fast and accurate creation and maintenance of timetables to constantly track workloads, always respecting legal, social, and organizational requirements.


At the beginning of our collaboration, our client had completed the first migration of its software to the web. The resulting web-based solution had bugs that translated into greatly delayed responses from the Oracle database. This issue rendered the solution unusable.


Our customer needed:

A new reliable and efficient web version, with optimized database response times.

Scalable application architecture to allow new features implemented in order to maintain the company’s competitive advantage.


Our collaboration began in 2006 with a team of eight dedicated specialists to rewrite the first version of the software solution with Web technologies. After a first stage which consisted of a detailed software audit, we decided to make substantial changes. Our specialists have started to fix bugs and to optimize the code. In five months, we had a stable first full web version of the application, which was made available to the sales department for presentation to potential customers. Subsequently, we continued to develop a second version of the software. The new development process consisted of adding new modules and features.

The software solution is built on three modules:

o Staff
o Workload Estimator

o Planning

In addition, AXON Soft has developed new modules like:

o Time management module that permits users to view and compare different schedules.

o Real-time daily activities tracking module.
o Employee-dedicated module
o Reporting module
o A module dedicated to data exchanges between different systems.


o In five months we succeeded in creating a fully operational, reliable first web version of the solution.

o The new product, optimized and secured by AXON Soft, has allowed our customer to increase its potential market by addressing new types of clients.

o The new features developed by AXON Soft helped our customer increase its turnover by 50% within three years.