AXON Soft develops a financial analysis software while improving business efficiency


We pride ourselves in partnering with one of the largest banks in Romania in redesigning one of the most important applications they use. The financial institution offers services focused on the corporate banking, SME and retail including deposits, granting loans, fund transfers and exchanging currencies. With over 2 million clients, our partner kept growing by expanding to 550 units and over 6,000 employees.


Working with cutting-edge technologies, the main objective was to create a reliable financial analysis and a scoring/rating calculation system for credit applicants.


The bank had certain methodologies that were implemented in Excel, but there was a need to transform it into a database application (much more restrictive to comply with specific rules). The main challenge was to analyze the business requirements that were quite heterogeneous in order to create a data model and an application flow that meet all the needs.


We started our collaboration in 2016 with a team of dedicated professionals in order to design and develop the new customized software solution for our client. The first step consisted of a detailed audit and together with all the stakeholders, we set up the milestones and the requirements to be implemented. During the development, we ensured that all the implementations align with the business model of the bank while continuously providing transparency of the entire process. The software application is a robust and complex tailored solution designed to be used by the banks` division that manages clients.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2018


Ensuring the continuous delivery, our client’s satisfaction was high at the end of each stage of the development. Our contribution provides a simplified data management solution and lowers the internal process time, enabling the bank to respond to the large demands more quickly.