A risk management solution for the banking industry and the financial market

Risk@Cover is one of our most complex products, designed to maximize the efficiency of the analysis process for the banks’ credit department. The software evaluates the clients’ creditworthiness by evaluating the financial, commercial and management statements, according to the specific methodology used by each financial institution.

Key features:

  • Increased flexibility. The Administration module allows the configuration of the elements used in the application, each banking institution being able to define its own specific financial indexes used in the analysis process;

  • When calculating financial indexes for various time periods, the application will make a graphic comparison of each client’s activity;

  • Archives referring to analysis results and clients’ data, organize the information into a complex database;

  • Application access and data security is ensured by defining different levels of access and protection against internal or external threats.

  • Having multiple functional architectures, the application could perform independently in agencies and branches or in the banking institutions’ network;

  • Risk@Cover has an increased analysis coherence, using the same analysis methodology on different input data (e.g. balance sheets at different dates, etc) and obtaining the information with the same economical significance.