Production & Management

P&MAn instrument of cost analysis and control that offers support for the industrial production companies’ management.

Production management is one of our flagship products, whose purpose is to help the production units carefully manage every stage of their production process.

The software performs advanced analysis on the performed activities  and offers multiples facilities for planning, supplying, production and sales departments.

  • The Production Management Module provides the needed support for tracking and analyzing the production process.

  • The Production Module collects the actual execution time per order and equipment, facilitating employees’ work.

  • The Web Module provides users in remote locations, to access some data related to production status, via the Internet.

Key features

  • Ease of configuration for the system

  • Intelligent document management system

  • Data management that ensures an increased consistency and accuracy of the information registered

  • Real-time access to critical information and management decision, through the web module

  • Activities control and management decisions support, based on analysis indicators.