Your Outsourcing Partner

Finding an outsourcing partner is not an easy task! Our extensive experience has pointed out a few parameters that a company willing to outsource should consider:

Project control

Transparency is essential when working with remote teams. We guarantee it through collaborative tools, VPN, SVN, virtual machines, etc.

Well structured communication flow

Call conferences, e-mails and team meetings when needed is how we understand that even when outsourcing, you can work exactly the same way you do it with the colleagues from another floor.

High confidentiality

Honesty and fairness at all points during the project is what defines our activity. And our clients confirm this. You can always check their references in this matter.

The guarantee of the quality

A well-done project depends on a major resource: the people. Our team of engineers is highly skilled in software development and fluently speaks English and French.

Full services

Software development from scratch, additional human resources for your team, maintenance: we got everything you need!

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