Outsourcing Process

We are here to make your business running smoothly!

When you decide that is time to outsource, there are a few steps you should be aware of, in order to monitor and ensure a good progress for your projects. 

1. Start by defining the objectives of your project

This step will help you organize your project and envision how everything is going to work. Start thinking about functionalities, the technologies that should be used and about what do you want from the outsourcing company. Also, try to establish the profiles of your team members, the technical competencies needed and their experience.

2. Develop a clear requirement documentation

At this point, all the information mentioned above, should be gathered into a document, that clearly expresses your needs.

3. Get feedback from our team of professionals

After carefully verifying all the aspects of the documentation you sent us, our team will ask for clarifications and will come with their suggestions on the subject. We know how to give and receive feedback, communication being one of our core values.

4. Detailed proposal with costs

After establishing all the details, you will get a fair price for our services. The contract details will be negotiated by the two parts, according to their needs.

5. Signing the contract

With 20 years of activity on outsourcing markets, we have gained considerable experience in managing all the aspects concerning small or large projects. Contracts are carefully edited by legal experts, according to the European laws.

6. Starting the project

Developing software is what we love doing. You can check out our dedicated section for application development and find out how we do it.

7. Deployment and maintenance

Up to this moment, we have already delivered a software tailored to your needs, but our collaboration won’t end here! We can offer you maintenance agreements so that whenever you need an update or a rectification we will be responding immediately to your requests.