Offshore Outsourcing

Offshore Outsourcing in Romania – a strategic approach towards maximizing organizational value

Here at AXON Soft we offer you complete, end to end software development using the latest technologies and great professionals that will ensure the success of your projects.

Offshore outsourcing for software development is starting to be a common practice for companies all around the world. Not only you get fair prices for your projects, but you can also access new competencies, in order to enhance the quality of your product. Moreover, we know how to give and receive feedback, we keep a proactive attitude and focus on delivering best results in time.

So why choose Romania? Among other offshore outsourcing advantages, when outsourcing in Romania,  you should know that  98% of the students learn English starting with primary school, so it’s easy to get along with your team. Universities here have a high-quality education plan for computer science students and the market offers them great work conditions, so they get to explore and evolve in the information technology field.

Why choose AXON Soft? With 20 years of experience on the market, we understand all kind of needs that a client might have and try to add value to their projects. We believe in strategic partnerships and long-term relationships.

We love projects succesfully implemented! See what clients say about us.