Nearshore Outsourcing

Nearshore software development in Romania

With just a few hours’ flights to the most important European cities and great airline connections, Romania is a very accessible nearshore destination.

Is not only the fact that it’s easy to reach locations that makes Romania attractive to companies, but also it’s advantage of being part of the European Union and having it’s politics aligned to those from the West, contributes to better business relationships and project management. Romanians have native language skills, over 90% of pupils learning at least two foreign languages in primary school.

AXON Soft is working with West European clients since 1998. We understand the nearshore software development methods and we have cultural similarities with Western countries.

Add some freshness to your projects! We are located in Cluj-Napoca, one of the greatest IT development hubs in the country. Being a strategic partner, The Technical University of Cluj, helps us to identify talents that we nourish through our internship programs and together with the senior developers we grow nearshore teams of well-prepared programmers, ready to work in all types of projects.

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