Internship 2016 - a short review

Coordinator: Ioan Gretyinuc

About Ioan:

Team Leader, over 4 years of experience, focused on web applications: Logistics Management, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WFM (Workforce Management)

Technologies: Spring framework, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Wicket, JPA2, Hibernate, MyBatis(iBatis), GWT, JQuery, Eclipse RCP, SWT, JFace

Internships’ main objective: Development of a CRM (Customer relationship management) application for the marketing department of our company using a multilayered architecture.

Intern: Iulia Alecsandrescu

“It was a very interesting and productive experience because I had the opportunity to work
on a project based on web application development. So, I’ve learned many new things that will be definitely useful in the future. People working here are smart and fun and they were all willing to help me any time it was needed.

Even if I was the only girl in the team, we stayed together and worked hard, shared our knowledge and became friends.”

Intern: Mihai Bulica

“At first, it seemed a short period of time because I wanted to gain more knowledge and make it useful for the future.

The most challenging and also pleasing was the opportunity to make a considerable contribution to all the layers of the application. Another important aspect was the atmosphere created by my colleagues which made it easier to work in.

The employees, here at AXON Soft offered us support whenever we asked for it, especially our coordinator who always stayed overtime to help us.”

Final result: The second version of the application.