Internship 2015 - a short review

Coordinator: Ioan Gretyinuc

About Ioan:

Team Leader, over 4 years of experience, focused on web applications: Logistics Management, ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WFM (Workforce Management)

Technologies: Spring framework, Spring Data, Spring MVC, Wicket, JPA2, Hibernate, MyBatis(iBatis), GWT, JQuery, Eclipse RCP, SWT, JFace

Internships’ main objective: Development of a CRM (Customer relationship management) application for the marketing department of our company using a multilayered architecture.

 Intern: Pop Nita Loredana

“In these 6 weeks of training I’ve found out what it means to work as part of a team and also the manner in which things are going in a company.

We’ve studied new technologies and gathered new information in such a short time, thanks to our coordinator. Even if we attended an internship program, without knowing anybody, the environment was friendly. At the end, we felt like we were more than just interns. After the program ended we’ve prepared ourselves to put into practice everything we’ve learned and give the best of us in the future years.

Thank you AXON Soft team!”

Final result: The first version of the application.