Internship 2012 - A short review

Coordinator: Mihaela Maria Cîmpean 

About Mihaela:

Senior Java Developer, with over 7 years of experience

Focused on Web Applications

Technologies: Wicket, Spring MVC, Struts, jQuery,Ajax, Spring Framework, Hibernate, JPA, Jasper Reports

Internships’ main objective: Build a web application using MVC software architecture pattern.

Biggest challenge according to Mihaela: 

I think the biggest challenge was to put each student through the layers of the application’s architecture (MVC). By doing this, at the end, each student would have worked with all the technologies needed to build the web application. Together with the students, I’ve structured the learning curriculum in such way that documentation on the subject and the development of the application succeeded in a logical way. It is important, in my opinion, to understand what students’ expectations are and try to bring the experience of the Internship as close as one can to these expectations. This gives you a great feeling as a coordinator too.”

Final result: A web-based management system for patients and doctors.