4 Reasons why IT companies should invest in employee training

Employee training investments you can ensure your future success. Effective training made specifically for your team can provide them with essential skills. In IT, technologies change very fast. Lots of tools are introduced every day, so the existing employees would want to work with new technologies. Yet, it is hard [...]

5 Soft skills we like to see in our future employees

Axon Soft
With a great poll of youngsters graduating from Computer Science and Informatics each year, Cluj Napoca is a great place to recruit talents for the IT industry. After hosting internships at my company, for more than 10 years, I must say that in Romania we really have well prepared and smart [...]

4 reasons for outsourcing to Romania in 2015

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Outsourcing to Romania is already a frequent option for those business people who are looking for an effective way to benefit from high-quality services at fair costs. The IT sector - the fast-growing industry in Romania According to recent studies that analyze Romania's economic evolution during the recent years and after the integration [...]

3 Information Technology trends for 2015, debated in the monthly reunion of the Cluj Francophone Affairs Club

Axon Soft
AXON Soft has hosted the monthly reunion of the French Affairs Club to Cluj, an occasion to show its support for the development of relationships with foreign investors’ and the local business community. For this meeting, AXON Soft has organized a roundtable debate, where three Information technology trends were analyzed. The subjects chosen [...]

How can you be in control of your projects, when working with remote teams

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The team A great definition of the concept of “team“ is “an exciting mixture of qualities, abilities, and perspectives”. When it comes to teams spread worldwide, one can add to the definition “with different background regarding the culture and education”. The team can ensure the success or the failure of a [...]