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Leadership in the Industry 4.0 era

The Fourth Industrial Revolution brings opportunities across nearly every segment of the economy, from medical to energy, logistics and beyond. While leaders begin to recognize the many dimensions involved, many seniors executives are not completely prepared for Industry 4.0. A survey conducted by Deloitte reveals what sets apart the most [...]

Agile methodology, our way to connect everything, everywhere

At AXON Soft, delivering products that correspond to the highest standards of the industry it`s a must. To ensure the quality of the services, our team is using the agile methodology. After years of using it, we can definitely say that it helps us to deliver better products in a [...]

How to optimize your strategy and maintain your staff motivated

Keeping your staff engaged in their jobs is one of the toughest missions any manager could have. To be able to keep your team involved in their work, enthusiastic and committed, willing to go the extra mile to obtain the best possible results is one of the most valuable employer [...]

Learn our ways to avoid mistakes during project development

In software development, two projects are never exactly the same and there is no standard recipe for project success. But the issues that can appear are often quite the same. Being aware of all the external factors that every project depends on, what are the elements that keep an IT [...]

How to have a 100% successful rate in software development projects!

One of the critical factors for a successful project in software development is to have a big and clear picture about what methodology to use in the development process. Do you need a clear vision in which context you should use Agile, Waterfall, Scrum or Kanban? We built a document where [...]

5 qualities that leaders in IT outsourcing should have in common

There are several differences that separate leaders from managers. While a manager is focused on executing the plan accordingly and maintaining control, the leader develops strategies to fulfill objectives. Even though there are differences among professions and backgrounds, there are definitely some skills that all leaders need to have in [...]

How we will work more efficiently in the future?

The generations that make up the workforce of the future have grown up with technology at their fingertips. They are comfortable with it and expect access to it in their personal or professional everyday life. Reading on Forbes I found some interesting information about the Digital Enterprise of the future and [...]

How can you be in control of your projects, when working with remote teams

Axon Soft
The team A great definition of the concept of “team“ is “an exciting mixture of qualities, abilities, and perspectives”. When it comes to teams spread worldwide, one can add to the definition “with different background regarding the culture and education”. The team can ensure the success or the failure of a [...]