4 reasons for outsourcing to Romania in 2015

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Outsourcing to Romania is already a well known option for those business people who are looking for an effective way to benefit from high quality services at fair costs.

According to recent studies that analyse Romania’s economical evolution during the recent years and after the integration in the European Union in 2007, the IT sector is one of the fastest growing industries in Romania. This country possesses a significant potential in information technologies, especially in the field of software development.

Considering the fact that all the data confirm the positive trend that Romania is on, outsourcing here gets even more likely in 2015. Here are 4 reasons why you should do it too:

As part of the European Union, Romania is aligned to the European policies and offers a key advantage through the higher degree of reliability and its financial stability. In their last report, Fitch positively rates the fiscal system and the  economics outlook for the country, altogether with the low inflation levels, kept below the target band predicted by the National Bank of Romania. In the last report issued by Standard & Poor’s,  Romania has been rated as „stable”, considering its strong economic performance and the hospitable political climate for outside investments. In 2014, the GDP of the country increased by 2.9%, according to the National Institute of Statistics and the ITC sector helped this growth with 6% .

The A.T. Kearney’s Global Services Location Index in 2014 states that Romania is one of the best nearshore locations for continental Europe with large software engineering talent pools, occupying number 18 out of 50 . With over 64000 IT specialists, Romania is the leader in the EU by number of employees per capita in the ITC sector and it ranks 6th place worldwide. Each year, more than 4000 IT students are pure computer science graduates. This is the effect of a good education system and a continuous learning process.

Romanians have excellent foreign language skills. They can easily learn and speak French, Italian or Spanish, due to their common Latin root language, but various studies and reports have shown that they are top English learners too. According to the latest Eurostat report,  99.1 % of the pupils learn English in general programms, more than 86% French and 11.2 % German.

Romania is Europe’s emerging internet hosting destination, with plenty of companies setting up their web host in this eastern European jurisdiction to benefit from super-fast speed and affordable costs. Romania has one of the world’s fastest download speeds, with an average of 47.9 megabits per second; in fact, that’s 160% faster than the global average. 

Specialists are estimating that Romania is going to become the country with the biggest    growth potential in the software industry in Central and Eastern Europe.

If outsourcing is a part of your business plan for 2015 and you want a long-term, committed partner, give Romania a closer look.