It all started in 1998

In 1998,  AXON Soft (former LVA Software) started as a privately owned Romanian-French joint capital company, offering software development and IT consultancy services.

Since from the beginning, working also for the french market we got to take on the methodologies used in Western Europe and we implemented them in our team. We also learned that communication is what will make a difference, so we delivered language courses to all our employees.

A Modern Concept in An Emerging market

Understanding the concept of outsourcing was a process that needed time, but we were lucky to start with a young, smart and reliable team. We learned how to work from remote locations and improved our software delivery process. As an effect, the business start growing and clients started to recommend us.

The company was also strategically positioned in Cluj-Napoca, a city well known for its Technical University and with a great section of Informatics at the Babes Bolyai University. This ensured a significant pool of talents, that continuously augmented since then. 

Mutual trust and perfect matching

We like long-term partnerships and we choose our collaborators according to our values and beliefs. Our growth has been well planned and sustainable. In 2015, we reached to expand our team to over 40 employees.

A new stage, a new identity

We are heading 100 employees and entering a new stage in our development. We are now a full Romanian capital company and we are expanding to new markets.

We are Axon Soft and we love what we are doing.