Anca Vescan, CEO

AncaAnca is one of the most experienced IT leaders in Romania, with a background of over 20 years in computing, advanced technologies and business development. Since she became the CEO of Axon Soft, she has successfully managed software development projects and innovative strategies for clients on the Romanian and European markets. Leadership is what defines her, thereby promoting a collaborative climate in the company and working closely with the team in order to achieve the best results. Anca holds a Master Degree in Computer Science and a BachelorDegree in Economics, as well as numerous other qualifications in software project management and PCM® -(Process Communication Model).


Alexandru Deac, Research and Development Manager

AlexAdvancing from programmer to senior programmer, software architect and then Research and Development Manager, with more than 10 years of experience, Alexandru has graduated Informatics in Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca. His sense of detail, perfectionism and structured logical thinking makes him one of the key persons in the company. Alexandru is responsible for the Application Development Department in Axon Soft. He also holds a Master degree in “Distributed systems in Internet and Intranet”, qualifications in Agile development, project management, communication (PCM – Process Communication Model) and currently works on numerous projects that have as final clients, people and companies, on 5 continents.


Călin Cenan, Chief Technology Officer

CalinA key member of Axon Soft management team, Călin is also Chief Lecturer in Database Technologies at the Faculty of Computer Science from the Technical University Cluj-Napoca. With over 25 years of experience in advanced software development, he has a rich portfolio of conceived and implemented complex information systems. He is responsible for the strategic partnerships, the technical infrastructure and the technologies employed by the company. Călin’s passion for software architecture and development recommends him as one of our top IT academic professionals in Romania.


Raluca Gaiseanu, Online Marketing Coordinator

RalucaRaluca is our marketing specialist and a fast growing professional. She has graduated Communication and Public Relations in Babes-Bolyai University Cluj-Napoca and since then she has been improving her digital marketing skills. With a Master Degree in Sociology, she is very passionate about online consumer behavior and social media communities and advertising. She has also graduated the Google Online Marketing School, a special program for young online advertisers. Among other qualifications, Raluca holds a project management diploma and now coordinates Axon Soft Communication & Marketing Department.